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Café Stepping Stone

Cartagena, COLOMBIA

The Stepping Stone cafe is one of our favorites in Cartagena, as much for his commitment for the quality of their Brunch! At the heart of the Getsemani district, he therefore suggested brunches, breakfast and lunch all day until 4 pm. On Sunday a special brunch for 2 is described on the table, what we chose and found delicious and hearty: eggs (not overcooked), spinach and mushrooms, lawyers, bread accompanied by coffee and orange juice.

A room understand wells of lights for a relaxing natural light and the decoration is very nice.
We loved it and will go back...

Responsible stance

Caffé Stepping Stone is born from the will of 3 Australians to create solidarity coffee in Colombia. He therefore associated themselves with the Organization the GEF (multidimensional education Foundation) which tries to operate autonomously (particularly through the coffee, volonteer hostel and Insider tricks). The GEF is intended improvement and empowerment of indigenous and Afro Cartagenes communities, enabling a sustainable development. Women are particularly targeted in this process, including helping them develop entrepreneurial projects.

Coffee participates by donating a portion of its profits but especially when using and forming of people from its communities than the EMF seeks to help.

Moreover, the coffee offered by Stepping Stone offers comes from the Montcoffee, a native Colombian coffee business company of the mountains of Huila. All profits from Montcoffee go to the improvement of the school for the children of coffee farmers.

Always in his will of inclusive development, the coffee Steppping Stone, also support entrepreneurial initiatives with the help of the GEF.

Coffee Stepping Stone works with Boromia, a group of women entrepreneurs from the El Pozón district, a neighborhood disadvantage of Cartagena. They aim to aims to provide food designed for contemporary and healthy diets through traditional indigenous and afro-Colombian recipes. Coffee makes them available their professional kitchen (to allow them to do their activity) and a place of sale: the coffee itself. Among the products you can find:-pasta De Ajonjoli (sesame seed paste) in many flavors: Ajo (garlic), oregano, honey.
-Vegetarian Kibbe: a popular dish in South America introduced on the Colombian side by Lebanese immigrants. Traditionally made with meat, the vegetarian version of Boromia is made stuffed with cheese and spinach and served with a creamy sauce with coriander lentils and soybeans.
-Colombian pastels: seasoned and airy, mixed with many ingredients, cooked rice in a leaf of maize (similar to tamales).
-or even guava pasta, cheese, cookies salty...

The coffee Sepping Stone sells and exposes the handicrafts of Ninha. Ninha is a company which produces flashlights in cana flecha (a species of cane cultivated in the region), handmade by indigenous Zenú Cartagena, who have ancestral knowledge to make fabrics sophisticated with this material plant. Each lamp is unique.
This product is environmentally friendly and promotes a sustainable production of cana flecha in order to be accredited as a fair trade in the future.

Finally, the Stepping Stone cafe offers a variety of vegetarian options, reported on the map. And also reports which can be veganise.


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