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Café Théo

Montpellier, FRANCE
Doing Workshop Coffee Shop
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I have not yet tested this small cozy Café, makes for a long time yet to speak and is not the desire is missing.
I immediately hung on the words: associative coffee!

The place has charm, the map also: soft drinks and treats sweet & salty - all at very low prices. € 1 small coffee, 1€ 50 grand, teas and infusions to € 0,50, €0,50 cakes.

Also watch the program to find all events that take place here: concerts, Gospel and Jazz, music and creative workshops, evenings-debates, conversations in English,...

Responsible stance

The concept of the associative coffee, the real!
That's why the prices are so low. With Theo being held by a not-for-profit association. The goal is not to make profits but to create the link.

The Café is run by 5 Protestant associations who had the idea to create the link outside the churches and temples. Provided with Theo is open to all, in the greater Tolerance.

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