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Café Venosa

Montréal, CANADA
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The Venosa coffee is a coffee cat! ... OK. but it is responsible for it?
Well, when it's done at home Yes. But what is a café in cats? And how can it be responsible for?

Coffee Venosa is a café where several cats circulate freely, for the happiness of the customers. But also cats. On the one hand they have nothing for them if they did not want to be cuddled or if they not want to cuddle human, on the other hand, because all the coffee cats are available for adoption.

Coffee cats, are all from cats from a shelter, in which coffee offers a chance to be adopted by a customer. Coffee promotes the least likely to be adopted cats: cats special needs, older, black or in pairs. And whenever a cat is adopted, another from the refuge takes its place.

Great initiative... Already 40 cats have found families with them.
My real question is: is that he also make bar to NAPs?

Responsible stance

(So) 1 Contribution to reduce the overpopulation of cats in shelters 2) gives a chance to the cats that are the least likely to be adopted.

But that's not all, coffee is absolutely vegan, requires respect for animals and cleaning products are green (it's also good for the kitties).

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