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Calamianes expeditions and ecotours

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An agency organizing tours by boat tested by the globe bloggers who found Calamianes expeditions and ecotours allowed to take trips on a circuit a bit different from other agencies and so to be with a lot fewer people on the "musts" (6 people) and that the "service has been satisfactory".

Responsible stance

This agency seems to be sustainable as much on the environment and on community-based approaches in a spirit. Here is what is displayed on their site, but we cannot confirm without you...

-Member of the International Ecotourism Society (TIES)
-Willingness to preservation of natural areas and improvement of the well-being of the local population (but we don't know how).
-Awareness of professionals of tourism and tourists to best practices in ecotourism (we don't know who or what).
-Community participation to build supply and offer to the inhabitants of economic opportunities.
-Packages include products and services locally produced and provided by persons belonging to local communities.
-Valorization of local artisans and culture of indigenous peoples - the Pala'wan.

Moreover, by proposing different circuits of other agencies and more small Committee, this agency tries to avoid mass tourism and to offer most authentic tours.

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