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Campement Akka Nait Sidi

Tissint, MOROCCO
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Akka was born Sidi camp located at Tissint at the heart of the Geopark Jbel Bani is an annex to the guesthouse Dar Infiane of Auntie (green key).
It is a Bivouac (understand "Encampment in the desert" with tents Khaimas.)

It is above all an unforgettable place to rinse off the brain!
Mohamed team will be happy to help achieve an unforgettable experience, while offering a high level of comfort (beds, blanket, towels...).
Where multiple trek options available to you.
The camp offers 14 tents

Responsible stance

-Vegetarian meals possible.
-Our activities lead us to promote reforestation and regeneration of the ecosystem with the reintegration of the Saharan bee. So we developed a pilot project for implementation of activities of permaculture and reforestation in forest shrubs bee with local cooperative in order to reintroduce beekeeping.
-We participate in the movie appeal of Fatima 8 years for the plastic, conferences, publications and application within the territory of the Geopark of the Jbel Bani
-solar hot water

This address has been shared on 11/07/2018 by Patrick Simon , the establishment itself.


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