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Camping la porte d'Autan

Saissac, FRANCE
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We have been an eco-responsible family campsite for 3 years.
We offer 78 locations including 9 rentals and are located in Saissac, on the black mountain 20 minutes from the city of Carcassonne. Saissac is a small medieval village with a Cathar castle, but also for the practicality, a bakery, a grocery store, a pharmacy and a petrol station ...

It was after a herbalist's stay and a lecture on The Minimalism of Béa Johnson that we decided to take care of our health and nature by changing our behaviour. Convinced that what we do is necessary for the future, we decided most naturally to transpose it into the operation of our campsite.

Responsible stance

We use home-made cleaning products and make our recipes available to our campers.
We have set up solar terminals, reduced water consumption. We have identified the edible and medicinal plants that are on our campsite, carry out a zero waste workshop, repainted with Swedish paintings (homemade paintings made from natural products including flour), we offer local wine, and our electricity is green.

We have joined La Via Natura, and are signatories to the charters "zero phyto" and "natura 2000" and LPO.

This winter we plan to continue to reduce water consumption and plant local plants.

In short the list is long and future projects numerous. Nothing is imposed but everything is visible so that it appeals at least to our campers.


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