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Camping Saint Joseph

Saint-Martin-Vésubie, FRANCE

A beautiful campground and a few rooms in chalets in the heart of a beautiful orchard with view on the Valley of the Vésubie: Heaven, all in an almost impeccable respect for the environment.

Geraldine has grew up here. It is his parents who had an orchard. Since it became a campsite, but fruit trees remained, and it is between 2 we can pitch a tent. In addition to a charm and a crazy authenticity to the ground, the tradition was taken over by his daughter. Wanting to continue working in this place of paradise, she revive the culture of fruit to make excellent jams and ice, which are on sale on the spot of course. A family history, which necessarily creates a very warm and authentic.

We came past one night here in the month of October. Let me tell you that at this altitude it was useless to attempt the tent. Geraldine was kind enough to open one of these rooms cottage, normally closed for the season. We were impressed by the commitment ecological, but simply by the beauty of the place - and we do not doubt that it is even more beautiful in spring or summer.

When in the village of saint Martin Vésubie, at this time of the year it was a little - much dead, but really very nice for a stroll and very easy access from the campsite, everything is done on foot easily.

Responsible stance

Here, we give a central place to the respect for the environment and it shows everywhere. Besides, the traveller is invited firmly enough (and I think it's good - although that's a lot of small posters everywhere) follow this approach. We find particularly in the toilets of placards to save water, as well as to explain what makes the hotel and in the kitchen an explanation to sort.

The space has been build around vegetation and not vice versa, and hard buildings made with natural materials.

Solar panels cover the roof of the cottage, to provide hot water for showers

Water & energy savings
Taps fitted with water meters water electricity noted monthly + light bulbs-saving low consumption and no AC
Watering to water of river and rain

container dedicated to used batteries at the reception and trash sorting at the entrance and in the kitchen for the cottage (out is same).

Local produce, Organic Orchard or not much further including wine, on sale at the reception. When the fruits of the orchard, some are very old varieties and we could thanks to the efforts of Sarah find glow. Of course all this is managed without pesticides and recycling green waste.

A shower is wheelchair accessible.

Labels camp quality and the Green key

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