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Canavalia Granja Organica

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The Canavalia is a farm, where it is possible to take a sandwich of fresh and organic, right next to the "Pozo Azul" (the blue well in french). There is no doubt that to Minca, you will visit the Pozo Azul, is one of the major attractions of Minca, a waterfall where it is possible to swim (they warn you the water is very cold and if you want to enjoy better come out of peak hours because otherwise) the charm is a little broken).

In short the Canavelia is an organic farm which offers vegetarian sandwiches with their organic products as well as organic coffee at the entrance to the pozo azul. We wished tested these sandwiches, but when we went there was no one who buy them :(

Moreover, it seems that it is possible to do voluntary work in the farm (seen on the facebook page)...

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Organic and vegetarian sandwiches, it gave us really want...

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