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Belouizdad, ALGERIA
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Caravan leaves is one of eco-friendly tourism and solidarity agency carried by passionate of the field. Our team includes specialists in ecotourism, in Botany, marine science and other to plead at best disciplines the environmental cause and solidarity principles.

So we make a point of honor to promote integration of local actors and guides in our tours.
Today opening to the world and to its travelers souls, the future looming for the Algeria has to challenge to learn to welcome without overeating, or destroy.
This is why our team chose for trade to promote the discovery and sharing through practices ensuring the protection of the natural and human heritage places.
Join caravan of leaves for the adventure otherwise, in respect of the wealth and diversity of this piece of land that has long been out of the spotlight.

Responsible stance

Caravan of leaves is committed to reducing the best ecological impact of our programs including the reduction of the carbon impact of our travels (transit and consumption of local products), the reduction of the impact of the visits by limiting the trampling and noise pollution and removing any activity which violates the natural or cultural heritage. We have a target zero waste and to achieve it we are currently working on a new approach for the reduction, see the removal of non-biodegradable waste during our tours. Furthermore we will initiate and support projects and environmental programs by reinvesting a portion of our profits.

We are also in a process of continuous improvement of our service and skills of our colleagues and partners. And in a process of knowledge transfer, promotion, conservation of the heritage and capacity-building with local actors.

This address has been shared on 13/02/2018 by Nabil Abboud , the establishment itself.


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