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Casa du Giorgio

Montpellier, FRANCE

Italian specialties restaurant and mozzarella bar, right on the place Jean Jaurès.

We have dinner at two lovers, a little by chance. We were surprised to find instead of a restaurant burger (King George), a committed restaurant for Italian terroir, and offering a vegetarian menu mini: no need to rummage through the entire map.

We chose 3 mozza tasting and a vegetarian salad, and we can't wait to go back for lunch pizza that smelled divine. Basically, the good Italian products and the choice for small and large appetites, all a bit expensive but not excessively either, we had for € 20 each.

Responsible stance

Plaid on the terrace, vegetarian menu and specifying the without gluten, mozzarella of small producers, homemade pasta and dough pizza too... Organic sorbets

On the map it says: "we are committed to working only with small Italian producers, kindly excuse us if some days we meet breaks"-actually tonight there was more smoke burrata!

Always on the map a little sidebar guide the vegetarian and the Glu No.: 1 proposal of big salad (delicious, it's that we had chosen), 2 pasta dishes including 1 without gluten (for pasta and Parmesan) and 3 pizzas including 1 vegan. What also won't say the rest of the map is meat, because for example mozza tasting is good Veggie.

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petit paradis italien

Du choix et de bons produits italiens pur jus. Des vraies salades italiennes et du VEGGIE. J'aime bien qu'on evite le steak haché frites aux enfants quand ils accompagnent les parents dans un italien! Ici , ils proposent aux Bambini, une petite pizza aux choix parmi les 5 premières pizzas de la carte

décembre 2018