Picture of the place

Casa Semilla

Palomino, COLOMBIA

A guest house charming and committed, side sea, Palomino (generally the institutions of this style are hiding across the high street). The small fruit garden is ideal for work or buller and wifi is of good quality.
The atmosphere is very nice and the music is cool, jazz rather than Latin (and after 3 months in Latin America, we are happy).

There are 2 private rooms, a dormitory for 4 and 2 Gamping tents (tents of luxury with 2 meters under ceiling, mattress and mosquito net, a real room what). Unfortunately the establishment should closed current 2018, but the owner think open another even more engaged--we'll try to follow up...

Responsible stance

The breakfast consists mainly of organic produce, that's what caught our eye at the beginning. And in the corner is really a big effort. All morning one can choose between the breakfast of the day or of the granola and salad of fruits with milk or soy milk.

Are offered for sale of natural care products such as the insect repellent, 100% natural soaps and essential oils (some never seen so far in Colombia).

A shower and toilet outside serve as irrigation system in the garden and original awareness messages are displayed in the shower to make want to save water.

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