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Vago Hostal

Tingo Maria, PERU
Hostel Camping Homestay Community Volunteering

A great place to live where you will welcome Diomar, Edgard, Elizabeth and, of course, Vago the fetish dog! A family home transformed into a two-storey host. Organic market atmosphere, and meals all together.

Casa Vago is making its own small garden and is obviously recycling its waste. Located in Tingo Maria from where you can explore twenty waterfalls. Beautiful atmosphere, quiet place and absolutely friendly! (accepts CB)

It is possible to volunteer there to accommodate the place (making recup furniture for example).

Responsible stance

Organic cooking, waste recycling, aspiration for a garden to tend towards self-sufficiency and the desire to maintain certain cultural practices of selva (medicinal plants, fogata...)

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Voy'actors comments

Besoin de convivialité et d'aventure ?

Extrêmement bien reçue au sein de cette famille. Le lieu est très très joli, calme et agréable. Les repas sont en commun avec des produits de qualité et organiques. (si vous le souhaiter). N'hésitez pas à cuisiner un plats traditionnel pour partager l'expérience.

novembre 2019