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Cathédrale de Maguelone

Villeneuve-lès-Maguelone, FRANCE

The date of the XIIth-XIIIth all Cathedral just 4km from Palavas, it stands on an island connected to the Mainland by a coast. Historical monument of Romanesque style, it was the seat of the bishopric for a thousand years. Its origins are very old. The area of Maguelone is located in a protected area of the coast, to the great ornithological richness. The Cathedral is at the heart of an island of greenery, in a park, surrounded by vineyards, between sea and pond.

It's really a perfect visit to accompany a lovely walk. The Cathedral she even by his nakedness commands respect and time travel. And the surrounding landscape, whether it's a walk of 15 minutes or 2 hours is mesmerizing. Plus, you can buy organic wine on-site, participate in tasting wines & oysters, a vineyard walk or even attend a concert in the Cathedral itself, enjoy a snack or traditional restaurant the terrace Fabrege which offers a shaded terrace overlooking the Park and the Cathedral, where you can meet the peacocks of the field. Fabrege terrace offers traditional cuisine, fish to grilled and moulds of the field, from May to September only for lunch and dinner by reservation on concert days.

Responsible stance

The estate produces organic wine, is it possible to buy on the spot.

-For people with reduced mobility and access to the Cathedral, at the information point, in the tasting room at the Park as well as the observation of the lagoon of the Sarrazine platform.
-A booklet of visit for person with intellectual disabilities and or cognitive is available as well as a paper of the audio guide for people deaf or hard of hearing.
-Guided tours for specific audience can be arranged by appointment.

The whole area of Maguelone is managed by the association the companions of Maguelone who has several missions including a mission home, accompaniment, of work and social integration of people with disabilities, through an ESAT, of hosting and diversified structures.

In addition to acting for the protection and transmission of the Maguelone Cathedral and its field land and lagoon, the association promotes within the culture through annual music festivals, for temporary exhibitions of photos and paintings throughout the year on the field.

Finally, the shop offers for sale of local products and an accessible garden is grown on the field to 30 m from the Cathedral.

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