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The founders of the brand of vegan, Veja, Sébastien Kopp, and François-Ghislain Morillon basckets founded this place between the store and the space of creation, near the canal Saint-Martin and the Republic square.

The space hosts a selection of clothing for men and women and committed events: book launch, launch of the Fairphone... You will find such as marks: blue of Paname, Suzie Winkle, Roseanna for women, Church's (one of the few brands to produce again in the United Kingdom), Paraboot (an old French company, whose production is still based in Grenoble and) had completely disappeared from the stores)... And many others

Responsible stance

Will here is develop brands that are transparent about their production: "they know where their factories". Watch out, here we're not on all Made in Europe, or on 100% slowfashion, but the rest approach particularly committed and interesting. You have to go find these brands, to ask questions in shops and choose.

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