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Centre Songhaï

Porto-Novo, BENIN

The Songhai Center is an agro and eco-friendly farm with the aim to develop agricultural entrepreneurship in a logic of sustainable and independent development.

The principle "nothing is lost, everything is transformed" makes any sense during the discovery of the Center.

Visit the Songhai Center allows to discover a farm green with a business model viable for local people.

The visiting hours are: from Monday to Friday at 8:30, 10:30, 3:30 and 5 p.m. and Saturday at 8:30, 10:30 and 16: 00. The price of the tour to 500 CFA FRANCS (less than a euro).

The Centre has also a restaurant that offers food and drinks from the products of the farm. The service is a bit long and the price of the dishes a little high consideration the Beninese economy, but it is a pleasure to eat.

It offers accommodation, but have not tested, no opinion on the subject.

Responsible stance

The farm offers a system of integrated agriculture (production, processing, and marketing within the Center) based on recycling and conservation of biodiversity.

The farm works in total autonomy:-culture (fruits, vegetables, rice), breeding hens and fish farming;
-production of bio-gas, which allows you to supply a part of the centre in electricity;
-filtering wastewater through hyacinths;
-processing and marketing of products.

To promote its model independent and sustainable, the Center offers training courses (free for the Beninese) agricultural entrepreneurs.

The Songhai Center is a center that registered agricultural activity in a sustainable, ecological and sustainable economic model.

The Center offers training for local communities to use and manage the resources of their countries in a sustainable manner while promoting their economic development. In partnership with other associations, training is offered to the "disabled".

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