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Chalet Le Rucher

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The cottage the Apiary is a Guest House of character, a traditional Swiss chalet in solid plank of 1956, which has retained its original charm with his Apiary, Orchard, vegetable garden.
Since 2012, we share the authenticity of this cottage with two guest rooms, selected by the Guide Switzerland of the rooms of hosts of charm. Intimate to discover our Valley to the 4 seasons, a place that exudes sincerity and hospitality for the pleasure of pleasing.

The cottage the Apiary enjoys a privileged location, at the entrance of the Hérens Valley, a mountain valley which enjoys a protected environment where the traditions remained alive, where the built heritage has survived the centuries in a natural setting Savage. A Valley out of time where life is good throughout the year, where it is good to stay in the meeting of its terroir, its inhabitants, its natural resources.

Responsible stance

We like to say that our Guest House enjoys an ecothentic framework and our induction process is based on the sharing of our region. We live 365 days in our mountain valley and welcome our guests to the 4 seasons by keeping a balance of attendance to the year and to reduce the effects of seasonality.

We prefer short circuits and produce our honeymoon, reap the benefits of our orchard, vegetable garden. 100% natural. We maintain relationships with local agriculture and serve our local products.

We advocate a gentle tourism to meet residents, regional, heritage and assist our guests in their discoveries to better understand life in our mountain valleys.

This address has been shared on 06/07/2018 by Patricia Almeida , the establishment itself.


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