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Chez Inès & Julie

Toulouse, FRANCE
Clothing Accessories
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A charming shop of clothing and accessories, opened in December 2018, by Ines and Julie, to develop the work of men and women who work with the same values they.

Examples of available brands: Arlette and paulette, Aatise, Balasana, orphan socks, Eskiv, sketch, CrxChepier, the frenchKiss, Jolie Frenchy, nice Bump, Quintessence, the Gentle Factory, the textile revolution, small skirts of plum, olly, House izard, Maralie, midnight on Earth, minabulle, naturally small, Risu Risu, sonj, the sublime, the tatiesfolles, the lupins...

Within the shop are also organized workshops on recycling, DIY and zero waste.

Responsible stance

The brands proposed in the shop comply with the following values:
-French productions or the less European
-Respect for workers and the environment
-Flax, organic cotton, bamboo or lyocell
-Wool of Pyrenees
-Tissue or recycled son
-Reduction of packaging and plastic

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