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Chez Julie


Julie we practice the Kaffiskaddos for pies, dishes or desserts... Kaffiskaddos does that say "suspended coffee" to the Luxembourg. Great huh? The cuisine here is sound made with local products of seasons: salty, dishes of the day, pies, desserts or even smoothies 100% organic delicacies to taste and share...

Wifi available for free allows you to sit back all sipping of good home-made dishes prepared the same day or different drinks: smoothies, natural juice, drinks from water of birch, teas or coffees. Beside groceries, local honey, natural Apple juice, teas and organic cafes and many other products are available at affordable prices. It is also possible to request a basket bio.

We have not been able to go and take a peek, but it's not envy that we are missing. If you get the chance, tell us everything!

Responsible stance

In addition to a bio, prepared from fresh produce and seasonal kitchen, packaging are environmentally friendly and biodegradable

Julie is labeled "made in Luxembourg" and fair.

The principle of the suspended coffee allows travelers to pay in advance a coffee for someone who cannot afford to pay. So the traveller pays two coffees to only consume one. The second remains available to a less wealthy person.


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