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Chez Xi Quan

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During our trip to the Sapa region last summer, we stayed with Xi Quan, an English-speaking guide from the Red Daos ethnic group, in the village of Ta Phin.

She took us home after a beautiful 14km hike, in the middle of the rice fields and small hamlets. She described the different cultures of the season and the year. Too bad we missed the rice harvest, we were just a little too early.

The house is very friendly and traditional! Sacred surprise for Westerners accustomed to the comfort of our little lives so monotonous ... A large wooden house with a terrace that has a beautiful view of the valley just above the family rice fields. The next day back with her and her daughter to resume a transport to Sapa. Recommend!!!

Responsible stance

Waste collection on the road and trails as it is unfortunately polluted in places.
Interesting and low-polluting traditional cooking and lifestyle! It heats itself with firewood harvested near the house and produces its current with a hydraulic turbine.
Gardens and rice paddies provide a large part of the home's food. All without chemical fertilizers please!


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