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Montpellier, FRANCE

Citron (meaning Lemon) is a small coffee shop and restaurant, making pastries to die for.

I was already there for a lunch and I had forgotten to reference it, shame on me!
I came with my dear Lolo and we had the tart of the day and a nice dish, all Veggie. Yum!
Of course, we had not resisted to the sweet treats.

This time I went back for a break during my shopping of Christmas gifts. It's cool like that I saw the atmosphere summer and winter ambience, seating twice in the lovely courtyard.
I have not been disappointed by the hot chocolate of my darling, or my Chai.
I really need to come back more often, why not to work a little.

The small + : the decoration!

Responsible stance

-In Citron one accepts "la graine" (the local currency of Montpellier)
- pastries and drinks are home-made, local or seasonal
-Sugar is available in bulk

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