Picture of the place

Cityzen Market

Montpellier, FRANCE

Cityzen market is a grocery store bulk and a restaurant zero waste! Yes that alone :D

Responsible stance

The institution has made the fight against food waste, the main concept of his restaurant. They have no stock and their dishes are prepared from the products in short DLC. And of course the products are used from the roots to the fanes, workshops are even held to discover the types of recipes.

It is of course possible to carry his remains, but however a €1 deposit is applied to a part of awareness and on the other hand nothing give disposable.

Of course all waste are sorted, but upstream approach is so effective that the garbage is just a seal by months. The hotel is recognized as the establishment referred to in this area.

The little more that we love, portions are served at the fair but the client may request to be reservi if needed.

THE bulk in the heart and the ZERO waste everywhere
All products from the grocery store on the other hand are supplied in bulk. It comes with boxes, bottles, bags and his jars to leave with a lot of good products, sometimes organic, sometimes local, sometimes both, but always in bulk.
Furthermore, workshops are often organized in order to learn a lifestyle zero waste.

The majority of the products are organic.


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