Picture of the place

Coeur d'Artichaut

Avignon, FRANCE
Coffee Shop Restaurant

This is still a great place in the heart of Avignon for lunch, brunch (Sunday), work or simply have a coffee with friends. The atmosphere is warm and the patrons aren't there for nothing and the background music adds!
The kitchen is not open on the restaurant but you still will see what happens and it's nice.

Responsible stance

Here we cook with fresh, seasonal, local and organic produce to the maximum. Everything is homemade and no industrial sugar is added during the elaboration of the dishes.
You can choose the option to go and even there they are top with wooden cutlery, kraft packaging and paper towels recycled (the same in the restaurant).
Every day you will find at least: an entry, a plate and a vegan dessert. For people who don't eat gluten, there is always an option without gluten and you can ask for another dish.
Delivery is made by a third party but always cycling, whatever the weather.
In your glass you will find organic teas and organic and fair of the Honduras coffee.
If we were to summarize it offers gourmet and healthy cuisine.


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