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Coffee & Coconuts


A café-bar-restaurant where, when people drink, some, seated at a large common table, continue to SIP their coffee and work on their mac (probably the freelancers). The place is beautiful, it is an old cinema where the ceiling was kept to create 2 mezzanines.

The place is worth a visit, despite its atmosphere even when very hipster. We drank there are original and delicious mocktails made from fresh coconut water (don't worry there is also alcohol ;) cocktails)

And to not displease me, if I have the opportunity to come back, the dishes on the menu give me water to the mouth, from breakfast to dinner. The service begins at 8: 00 and ends at 23: 00.

Responsible stance

We liked to discover flaws in boxes in our cocktails and a fountain water self-service on the bar (the Netherlands water is never served in carafe as in France and often to buy a plastic water bottle, even in restaurants).

At the level of the kitchen, a large part of the food is organic and, if possible, and the menu will appeal widely to vegetarians and even vegans.

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