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Coldrip Food & Coffee

Montpellier, FRANCE

A small coffee shop very nice, with a vaulted stone beautiful room, a breakfast / brunch / breakfast coffee nice and a vegetarian, and an international atmosphere which makes travel.

Balanced a place ideal to enjoy a Chai latte, a cappuccino or tea, accompanied by a cake or a real breakfast (breakfast bowl: fruits, seeds of chia, Pecans...) or for lunch or snack.

I come out. The place is really nice and my Chai latte delicious (maybe a bit small...). My friend Melissa, took a breakfast bowl, and in addition to being delicious it seemed very "Healthy". Well of course, it is always against the use of the seed of chia (see blog article) but we know that it is very good anyway.

The waitress, who speaks English (New Zealand? not sure), and German-speakers, around us, and English-speaking clients have finished delight us and inspire us to leave very quickly at the end of the world. We will come back to taste the dishes and maybe brunch...

Responsible stance

Card varied vegetarian with vegan options and gluten-free options.

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