Picture of the place

Community Hostel


Very comfortable beds, a roof-top with a wonderful view of the Basilica, yoga classes, family meals of quality... The Hostel Community is really a hostel with great qualities for conventional prices benefits: between $ 9 and $12 bed dorm and from $30 double room. Furthermore, it is located opposite the central market for local dishes are cheap and generally close to the historical center.

We regret a little they always put music in the common room and for dinner, because it is sometimes difficult to hear around this large table, which could then be even friendlier. However the rooms are very quiet.

The staff is overall very nice. Personally, we really enjoyed their kindness when we arrived at 6 in the morning, after 16 h in the Colombian border. However, to really them to improve. It is true that the style is a little hospital, but hospital of luxury. On the other hand, there are plugs in the drawers-chest under the beds, and it is really great practice.

Responsible stance

Vegetarian options for the family meal
Several options to fill his water bottles and thus avoid buying plastic bottles
It seems that part of the profits are donated to a Foundation but on-site they didn't seem too aware.


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