Picture of the place

Comptoir Général


"A unique place, strange atmosphere that reminds an Embassy of 30 years abandoned, long corridors, a classroom in the old, a small Museum of the weird, which reminded me of the Museum of science before its modernization, a garden of" "weed...

In short it is a great place to organize a conference, a workshop, a party, just have a drink or even bargain-hunting at the "lost". Above all we listen to music from the ghetto with vinyl of Congolese rumba from the 60s... Extraordinary though! It is also more simply, a Bar, a Restaurant, a Sunday Brunch nice top, where the children are kept. Finally an exotic concept store at thousand curiosities that I love!

Responsible stance

The General counter is a temple dedicated to sustainable exoticism.
Lovers of travel, the founders explore, discover and report objects of these foreign cultures unfamiliar, sometimes underestimated and marginal. They accompany exotic talents met and teach them to safeguard and promote long term their heritage, which then become a new source of income and recognition.

They welcome Saturday the hive that says Yes and a selection of 500 products prepared within 250 kilometres from the suburbs of Paris.


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