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Condor Trekkers is a Bolivian NGO created in 2008 to sugar, which offers:-treks from 1 to 4 days in the mountains goshawks of sugar (crater of Maragua, Cordillera of the Frailes...)
-a tour of 2 days in communities around Tarabuco
-a walking tour of the city of Sucre
-a day in organic urban farm tour

Condor Trekkers is located in the Interior of Condor Café, a vegetarian restaurant in the center of Sucre.

Responsible stance

-The NGO is 100% non-profit, 100% of the profits of the Agency are donated to sugar or nearby communities. Our goal is to finance sustainable projects, created by communities (education, food, construction,...).

-All our treks and tours are vegetarians.

-The Agency offers tours of a day in urban farms, which allows to discover how to grow fruits and vegetables, how to make ecological pesticides... This allows also to support local communities and to encourage them in their ecological approach.

-The tours and treks to go to meet local communities and outside the box (Homestay, discovery of the culture and local food...)


This address has been shared on 12/03/2019 by Maude Olivier , the establishment itself.


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