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Coucoo Grands Cépages

Sorgues, FRANCE
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Fancy an unusual weekend, right in the heart of nature? Then go and discover this eco-domain.
Please note that breakfast is included in the price of the hut.
The cabins are not equipped with Internet. This is a great opportunity to completely disconnect, to enjoy nature and your loved ones.

Responsible stance

The huts are designed in wood and fit perfectly into the landscape;
The insulation of the huts is made of natural sheep wool;
Access to the hut is by foot or by boat;
A backpack will be provided on arrival with: the Charter of the cabaneur, a torch, a map of access to your hut and a map of the site and above all, bags to be able to sort your waste;
The accommodations are located in a totally natural setting, the owners ask you to respect the calm and natural appearance of the site;
You can choose "dinner baskets", based on local and seasonal products;
Breakfasts are also prepared based on local products.

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