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Croisière sur le Kraken

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Make a cruise on the Kraken is leaving on a sailboat 3 masts of 47 m (a boat like pirate what), learn to sail, while cleaning the oceans. The Circuit is impressive: from Amsterdam to the Cayman Islands to the Canary Islands and Guyana.

This rather nice is the possibility either to the entire route from Amsterdam to Cayman Islands (€7000) from October 3 to December 19, or to do some steps as St Malo-Lisbon, Madeira - Canary, or Cayenne - the Grenadines blow one for more affordable between 650 and 850. Me the part of Lisbon - Madeira - Canaries - Cape Verde on 3 weeks (€2000) really makes me dream...

In short, I know that it is a budget but it is really a unique experience so if you leave between early October and mid-December, I strongly encourage you to think about this idea here!

Responsible stance

During all the crossing it comes to retrieve as much plastic as possible, remove driftnets, do the cleaning of beaches and bring everything on Earth to recycle.

Scientists are also on the boat to make observations in order to carry out studies on the impact of humans on the oceans.

During the crossing, these same scientists will conduct lectures.

Finally, well who said said sailboat, sailing trip and in addition the sailboat will be supplied mainly organic products.

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