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Dar Infiane Tata Sud Maroc Géoparc Jbel Bani

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Discover the South of Morocco, in an old House, is the proposal of the House Dar Infiane Tata, in the heart of the Geopark Jbel Bani.

It is a guest house, offering 9 bedrooms, or 34 beds (rooms heated, air conditioned,...). It offers the family kitchen and a pool filtered to relax after the track and roads of the South.

Here is pleased to welcome otherwise who governs and very many excursions are also offered in that spirit here.

Responsible stance

-Approved green key since 2005
-Vegetarian cooking possible
-Our activities and objectives we are to highlight the inter cultural contacts by facilitating meetings between civil society and the traveller, to make us work with local cooperatives and associations.
-We have defined as priorities the purchase and the proposals of civil society, local and regional craft-related activities in order to respect the environment and the local culture. We develop in an integrated and inclusive logic.
-Respect for the traditional structure of her building.

This address has been shared on 11/07/2018 by Patrick Simon , the establishment itself.


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