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Delta du Fangu

Galéria, FRANCE
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A (UNESCO) Biosphere Reserve which can be explored by kayak.

At the foot of the Tower génoise of Galeria, at the mouth of the Fangu, four water arm traverse the plain. Sliding silently on the mirror of water, you can see a multitude of plant and animal species. In a restful quiet, you can see hundreds of lilies along the banks, with their chicks, hens of water turtles cistudes taking the Sun on wood trunks dead a half submerged. But also fauna grebes (little diving ducks), according to the seasons of the wading birds: herons, moorhens, egrets and more discreet, of beautiful kingfishers flying over the surface furtively.

Responsible stance

The opportunity to discover a great ecological richness.

Awareness of nature and species. Implementation of rules: silence, respect and protection of the site.

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