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Dim's Hostal

Pedasi, PANAMA

Also known as Hostal del garden, because of its beautiful garden where many cats bask under the giant mango tree, Sun ' Hostal is a charming hotel. The giant mango tree serves to support a large shady terrace where are served the breakfasts and the collective kitchen (that we love because so rare in guest houses - this is more in the open air).

The 9 rooms are quite uneven but all spacious - the one we visited had a somewhat dated. But the home is extremely warm, a rare commodity in the Panama. The man who greeted us, sweating the pride in working for Sun's Hostal, as if it were his own property. Really, we regretted not sleeping there.

Responsible stance

The owner and its main employee are extremely engaged in development and tourism of the city, they are part of the tourist association of the city. And are all two Panamanians.

The back of the kitchen you can find a compost.
Decorations enhance local know-how: the cushions are made in the local traditional fabrics of the region (that we see little elsewhere in the country) and terracotta ceiling lights are made to Pedasi even. Finally the whole construction was made by hand.

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