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Divanga B&B


A Guest House and a charming restaurant, held by Lucie, a French, installed here for 11 years.

The pool is really good because in Taganga it's really hot and even if the beach is not far, it is often the smaller more remote beaches which used to bathe because the city is invaded by boats, the fishermen either towers for go to the Park of Tayrona. So here everything happens around the pool.

We have no test rooms, only the restaurant (and pool), but it was a very good surprise. It was delicious, with a French touch that has thrilled us, and the staff were really lovely.

Responsible stance

We talked with Lucy for 2 hours... It is thanks to her that we understood better the current situation of Taganga.
She is very committed to the community and to bat for the laws of the coastline is respected.

The restaurant offers several vegetarian options and the establishment is being label.

Lucie is also the owner of Divanga Republic which has a lagoon system to treat gray water in a natural way.

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