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Murviel-lès-Béziers, FRANCE
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Participate in wine tours, tastings, evenings Jazz & wine and practice the oenorando in Dmaine Galtier.

The domain Galtier is a winery in the Languedoc and Saint Chinian appellations, engaged in the Charter Terra Vitis * since 2002. We love to share our work, talk about the life of the vine, of the scrubland surrounding the vineyard and tell our story, that of Languedoc and its wines and create links, that's why we created several discovery activities.

Responsible stance

We sort our waste, we recycle some packaging (cardboard, glass bottle). We educate our clients to the fauna and flora that surround them and we immerse them in the vineyard to make them understand that the winemaker is aware of its responsibility towards its environment, its employees and its stem.

* Terra Vitis is a French environmental certification of winemakers and a network of sharing of good practices. Without register in a process of wine, organic or natural in the sense of these labels, the winemakers of the network are provided the choice of a rational and sustainable agriculture.

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