Picture of the place

Dong Vui Food Court

Phan Thiet, VIETNAM

A real favorite for this food-court. Here are my 3 favorite of this place restaurants:

1 El Cafe Vegetarian Food
As its name suggests, a completely vegetarian restaurant with a choice of dishes so vast that it took me taking a combo (Shabi paneer Herb Tawa Naan + Bread Pakora + Ginger tea) to be able to taste several flavours! The map, you will mainly find Indian influences (paneer, chapati bread pakora, tikka, shikanji...) due to the origins of the Manager with however some variants Mexican (burritos, fajitas...) or Asian (noodles, fried rice...) that personally, I have not tested. Everything was good, the dish as the drinks and the Manager is charming: go for it!

2 - Taste of India
A journey in India awaits and, for a few Dong only (the dishes are particularly cheap for good amounts). Lots of vegetarian options (thanks Hinduism) and, what is more, the owner being especially friendly and accommodating, you can allow specific requests that he will gladly (and smile). Special mention for the Malai Kofta Korma (paneer in a basic vegetarian meatballs sauce creamy sucr' spicy base of cashews and tomato: a real treat!). Add this to a cheese naan garlic and spicy tea and you'll be sure to spend a memorable evening!

3 Knight Riders
After the direction the Lebanon India where, the vegetarian options are here a bit smaller however, I couldn't fail to mention their vegetarian moussaka, which is simply divine. Melting and creamy, I consider it even better than the meat version! A good reason to become a vegetarian for good :)

Now you know what you have to do if you go by Mui ne! Not to mention that overall prices are correct compared to the quality of the dishes and drinks.

Responsible stance

Even if all the restaurants do not have an approach, you will eat and drink in washable dishes while enjoying a pleasant environment and a choice of dishes amazing, even for vegetarians and vegan in a cosy atmosphere and relaxed (small downside: plastic straws and paper towels: gggrrr)

Conducive to trade and meetings with local


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