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Dorsu - Production Studio


Dodd is a clothing brand based in Kampot. Their watchwords? Ethics, Slow Fashion, Local, Contribution to the Community (see more in responsible commitments.)
They offer a sleek and simple style, done sustainably and forever!

I bought a grey cotton t-shirt that accompanies me during all my travels and I can put for quite a few opportunities, it's a great memory, which is also good :) They also occasionally specials because they have little stock, it's worth to pay a visit, and the staff is super nice (opportunity to go to their studio to see where the clothes are produced). And more on my shirt the person who made it is name in the neck. It was too good for me to know who did what I'm wearing :) Unfortunately, for the next collections this no longer the case, because it is too restrictive.

You can find them on the internet, directly to their Road 33 production studio or the Old Market of Kampot.

Responsible stance

-Use of scraps of fabric (cotton jersey) retrieved from factories in Phnom Penh
-Production in quantities limited, according to the request
-Home-made packaging is also produced from fabrics
-Labels are made from materials recycled and printed with vegetable inks - http://www.dorsu.org/supplychain
-All the activities (design, delivery) is realized in Kampot in the company
-Commitment to staff beyond the standard of Cambodia
-Contribution to the community: financial support from CLS - Chumkriel Language School, which support the education of children of Kampot with English classes, computer, arts...
-Promotion of the Slow Fashion and ethical consumption on social networks

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