Picture of the place

Drôle de pain

Montpellier, FRANCE

If you are lost you to the neighborhood of the Millennium in Montpellier, here's a good place for a responsible for lunch break. You find a wide selection of pastries, salads and breads (until then, it is classic).

What we are like, it's furniture mottled by the owners, it gives a bit of cachet without being crazy. And what makes the difference is the choice of hiring the unemployed while promoting a local and organic supply. A dual approach which cases: the staff is very professional and the food is good.

My preference goes to the menu salad, where we write his dish to measure (XXL version for gourmets), at home. The only real downside, the price/quantity ratio can be fair enough if big hungry.

Responsible stance

-A bakery of insertion offering a true social help for people struggling to access employment.
-Sandwiches, quiches and other salads come almost exclusively short, and bios circuits for some.
-Accessible to people with disabilities, even if it is somewhat the crush in the tail!


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