Picture of the place


Louverné, FRANCE

Originally, the friendship of Guillaume Beucher and Vincent Brault, two passionate of nature who want to start an ecological project designed to make know the Mayenne. In 2010, the project is taking shape: Echologia is born.

Located on the site of the old quarries Louverné, the area of 70 ha is classified as a natural area of ecological interest, fauna and floristics (ZNIEFF). Biodiversity, they know! A lot of activities on site and in the surrounding area. In bulk: natural pool, Creek, markets of the terroir, concerts, theater

Level housing, it is served: yurts (built and developed by Mongol artisans), tents of trappers, Native American tipis, tents-igloos, cabins in the Woods and on the water! In short, there is something for everyone.

Responsible stance

Echologia wants to be a responsible tourism showcase. The site hosts theatre performances and events of assos in the corner.

Housing is eco-designed, optimized energy, and make you work the craftsmen (if possible). Small example: insulation is made from wool of wood, rock and sheep as well as from old recycled fabrics (pretty smart). Also, electricity is the most possible from renewable sources (photovoltaic)

In general side, the effort tends towards the local and organic - especially at the level of the taste buds, we think of food at breakfast.

Of course, all is not "100%". But the effort is there, continues, and it deserves to be commended!


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