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Eco-Burger Figaro

Barcelona, SPAIN

Figaro eco-Burger is a burger restaurant and a cocktail bar that also offers a wide variety of salads and desserts, all paying great attention to the origin of its products.

I enjoyed finding a very design and modern atmosphere in this restaurant yet puts in front of the quality products and premises. This changes the usual "bohemitude" mandatory of involved restaurants (not that I don't like this style, but it becomes repetitive) - no need to be a hippie to be engaged in the slowfood movement. Besides, it feels the regulars (finally those who were there the same night as us and who seemed to be regulars) have nothing hippie, instead of young dynamic professionals in after-work.

Responsible stance

Eco-Burger Figaro is a restaurant specializing in burgers made with meat and products of local origin 100% local and ecological.

Furthermore, the restaurant offers several craft beers.

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