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Eco-Hotel El Nido

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Located in the growing of Pops to Barangay Corong Corong district, the Eco Hotel El Nido is one of 7 hotels small hotels Eco-hotel chain. He faced the landscape breathtaking Corong Corong Bay.

Responsible stance

As you may have guessed Eco hotel is a small chain of hotels in the Philippines who says eco-friendly. We had visit one on our trip in 2016, that of Panglao. In our opinion, in the modern category and comfort, this is a very nice approach and rare, although we prefer them always a little b & b nature.

This one was apparently eco-designed (but we know not) except that it is partly built with home-made bricks. The staff is trained to waste reduction practices when possible. The rooms are decorated with local crafts, wooden furniture, and recycled or reused materials. Showers operate at solar energy through solar water heaters, and light fixtures are equipped with energy-saving bulbs.

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