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Eco-Hôtel Mayachik'

San Juan La Laguna, GUATEMALA
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MayAchik is an eco-hotel in San Juan La Laguna, on one of the banks of Lake Atitlan, in the Guatemala. The place is peaceful, in the heart of nature, where you can enjoy a peaceful retreat in a natural environment. The place offers also a restaurant vegetarian and vegan with Guatemalan influences.

Responsible stance

MayAchik' is a natural paradise eco-designed. The hostel is built from local natural materials (adobe, stone, wood and palm leaves) in respect of traditional construction techniques. As part of a move towards self-sufficiency solar panels are used to provide electricity and hot water for showers, water consumption is minimal thanks to the toilets of the hotel.

An organic garden helps provide a basis for food for vegetarian and vegan meals.

They are also very invested in local community projects, to improve the living conditions of the surrounding villages of Lake Atitlán (access to drinking water, funding for school supplies, etc.) and offer on their site a page dedicated to fundraisers.

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