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Eco-Village de Tsaratànana

Ambohidratrimo, MADAGASCAR

Located in the "suburbs" of Antananarivo, the eco-village of Tsaratanana ('pretty Village').

The visit to the village is extremely interesting to discover how to live in an eco-friendly way. She is paid (10.000Ar, or approximately 3 euros). You find positive messages throughout your visit: happiness! You also have the possibility to have lunch on the spot (about 15.000Ar / prs.).

Responsible stance

The village was built as part of a community, social and economic project to combat poverty by allowing poor families to have a home. This village came into being thanks to the YOCONTIGO association and the town of Ambohidratrimo.

The families included in the project (initially 10, today 17 families live there) have received training for the construction of their house and the village.

The village has become an example of eco-friendly life: the objective is to limit the negative impacts of human activity on the environment. The saying "nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed" makes sense by visiting the village: (sorting, compost, recycle) waste management, use of renewable energy (solar, biogas and compost with charcoal-making). recovery of river water and water used by plants, ecological toilets (dry, solar), organic agriculture, etc.

The village is managed by its inhabitants through a Committee of villagers and a Youth Committee whose members are elected.

Courses have been offered to residents, to create some income-generating activities in the development of the village (carpentry, creating jewelry and decorative objects from recycled materials such as paper, cans, etc.).

The village includes a kindergarten and primary school which offers children from the village and the surrounding area (approximately 240 children) a teaching which is based on the Montessori method. Children have a garden and an educational farm.

The village offers training courses to the Malagasy people that this eco-system is duplicated in the country.

Everything is said (or almost) in the description: eco-village, respect for the environment, respect for people, participatory and responsible management, local economy, training, etc.

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