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Ecolodge : la maison Joulin

Chênehutte-Trèves-Cunault, FRANCE
Glamping B&B
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In the heart of the Loire Valley, a few minutes from Saumur, in a unspoiled nature located on the hillside, La Maison Joulin is the ideal ecolodge for rejuvenating and resting in peace.
Since the year 2000 we welcome you in three comfortable rooms including an unusual room under a Safari Sérengeti tent installed at the bottom of the park.

In 1998 when we bought this old longhouse, we wanted it to be primarily eco-friendly and energy efficient. Moreover, the form of tourism that we wanted to offer was from the beginning sustainable and ecological tourism, with partners or ideas of visits in relation to our convictions and in total accordance with our philosophy of life. To visit our region is to discover an exceptional heritage, with an unsuspected richness and variety of places or activities. And then it's also about meeting people here, and sharing with them a good time of life. I would be happy to show you all this and my pleasure will be to see you leave with a smile, nothing else!

Responsible stance

Natives of Saumur and Loudun, we were anxious to restore it respecting the work of the Ancients who had built it and therefore, we chose natural materials already used (lime, Loire sand, terracotta, slates, douglas pine, chestnut ingset...) and also other materials such as hemp and cotton for insulation, boron salt for the treatment of wood as well as non-toxic paints.

Here, everything is done to minimize our impact on the environment such as waste sorting and composting, thank you for participating! We also use the plant treatment for 10 years, our showers use water savers since the beginning ....

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