Picture of the place

Ecolotheque Montpellier3m

Saint-Jean-de-Védas, FRANCE

A green leisure centre...
Since 1992, the Montpellier Mediterranean metropolis Ecolotheque, an area of 4 hectares offers (4 to 12 years old) children individually or in groups with their teachers for the day, fun and teaching around the science activities of the life and the environment: participate in the life of the farm, maintain the gardens, Cook fruits and vegetables harvested.

A dedicated team, facilities at the forefront and above all a fabulous space where the kids have fun learning.
Trail to learn nature, a weather station, ponds, gardens thematic rooms equipped activity, a media library 'Nature-environment', teaching kits, and boxes of games discovered... And they lend equipment to schools.

In short! There should be in all the major cities, and I regret not having 10 years...

Responsible stance

The purpose of the site is teaching sustainable development and eco-responsible actions. Exploitation of the field is obviously made in an agroecological approach without chemicals. And a permaculture farm space grows.

Meals are organic and local, in season produce certified - everything is calculated more closely to avoid losses. Teachers in the Academy of Montpellier help to host the classes. The St. John of Vedas Botanic store provides products.


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