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Écomusée Berbère de Tafza - Vallée de l'Ourika

Marrakech, MOROCCO

Located in the heart of the douar (village) Tafza, the Berber Ecomuseum of the Valley of Ourika, 35 km from Marrakech is an institution cultural created by the founders of the House of photography of Marrakech (see other referenced address).

The building has been traditionally restored with local materials of a self-sufficient society: mountain stones, pebbles, straw, wood, laurels, roofs in bluish gray clay, stones in pink sandstone, white land walls of Tafza.

The Berber House, with signs protective on facades and doors, pottery, furniture, weavings, tattoos... recreate the universe of Amazigh women and celebrates the diversity of the Berber culture in the High Atlas.

A collection of photographs highlights the Berber culture and exhibited portraits of Berbers of the 1960s.
The Ecomuseum is a starting point for many activities in the Valley: hiking, visit salt mines, waterfalls.

Responsible stance

Helps to live in the village of Tafza, create links with the local population and the different actors of cultural life. In addition, the Ecomuseum is active socially: projects are developed in conjunction with local associations, for example a boarding school for the college.

-SHARING: It is a space open to all those who have the desire to discover the Ourika valley. Activities are offered to tourists in partnership with the local population (pottery workshops, green hikes)

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