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Go to the discovery of the largest tropical forest in the greenhouse of the world, as well as a Mediterranean territory where you'll find flowers, herbs and fruit trees. You can stroll in the biomes using course but also in the outdoor gardens. To the South West of England you can dive into different types of atmospheres, reconnect to nature while learning!

Responsible stance

In the greenhouse: they make their own compost, so the site does not need to enter the new Earth every 5 years as other greenhouses.
Recovery of rain water for watering the plants, toilets and heating.
Implementation of hunting and economic water faucets that turn off alone to limit water consumption. Track consumption through counters.
The Foundation, which manages the greenhouse to really plan to us to become aware of the importance of taking care of the planet and to preserve species that we have.
For students from England it offers a classroom dedicated to learning about sustainable development in a playful way.
She is involved in the conservation of wildlife and British flora, but also via the B4 association for the conservation of the black bee, European bee. They insist particularly on the preservation of this Pollinator insect which is increasingly threatened. Besides, at the entrance to one of the architect Robert Bratford greenhouse made for them a giant bee. This in intended to raise awareness about the importance of honeybees in ecology!
For the social link, the association implements meals in poor neighborhoods from the UK. But as a club for the elderly, so that they leave home and take advantage of the framework offered by the Park.
Finally, in the sense of Health Foundation develops an educational program specifically designed for children suffering from autism and accompanying them.
In addition, the Park opens every Saturday morning for free for all who would come to the gym (running, walking), open to all.
The site is accessible for people with reduced mobility.

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