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Elephant Sanctuary Mondulkiri Project

Saen Monourom, CAMBODIA
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Project Mondulkiri is a sanctuary for elephants. With them you can make a tour of 1 or 2 days in the Jungle with (and not back) the elephants of the Sanctuary (currently 5). The idea is both to discover the beauty of the jungle, waterfalls, River,... learning to feed the elephants and wash in the cascades.

The 2-day tour included a visit from a Bunong tribe. Only Bunong guides are used for tricks with included overnight because they are experts at living in the jungle.

Responsible stance

Mondulkiri project is both to save elephants in Cambodia and save the forest, their natural habitat without which they will not survive.

They rented several hectares of forest in a local native population, allowing you to economically help the population while preventing it from cutting the trees in this area to sell the wood and then to use the land for farming. The employment project also 20 people with a good salary which allows to help preserve the forest rather than destroy.

The elephants coming to the sactuaire were before used either for the transport of goods or for the transport of tourists and were chained at night. Many arrive with scars and abscesses associated with too much weight they have to wear. They were often under powered (an elephant needs 150 kg of food per day).

The funds raised by the visit of tourists (which of course can not ride on elephants) are used to collect and treat a maximum of elephants and rent a maximum of hectares of forests to protect. But they still need more visitors and donations in order to launch a breeding program to save the elephant of Cambodia.

The employment project and also values the local population, providing as much as they can for livelihood alternatives allowing firstly don't not deforesting, others involved to stop using elephants.

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