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Suwimon space wants to be an ecological and tourist, cultural space in the heart of the nature of the mountains. Both accommodation, Botanical Garden, medicinal garden, place of discovery of local crafts and conference center.

The place has hosted several Moroccan films shooting, that is to say if the architecture is beautiful. All remaining in entirely in the Moroccan authenticity without unnecessary Westernization. Located 100 kilometres east of Marrakech, it is an ideal place to discover the High Atlas, the natural bridge Iminifri (a natural arch of 30 m, which became the shelter of the large, to see biodiversity) and the city of Demnate.

The table offers a cuisine based on organic product mainly vegetarian. By spending a few days, thanks to its workshops you can discover in detail the Moroccan weaving or pottery techniques and in the school gardens a nature rich in biodiversity, medicinal and aromatic plants.

Responsible stance

Table organic and mainly vegetarian, authentic accommodation, workshops of artisans and artists, area of biodiversity, vegetable garden, solidarity actions and awareness particularly in favour of children with disabilities and their families.

Space craft is intended to encourage the trades of the mountain and to revive highlighting them. An on-site boutique is dedicated to them.

Suwimon space was presented to the #COP22 to represent the innovative projects in the mountain by the WMPA.


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Acceuil très chaleureux et convivial

Endroit calme paisible et apaisant
Recommandé pour un séjour familial vivifiant ou passage d'étape

avril 2017