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Fiers de Lettres

Montpellier, FRANCE

Fiers de Lettres (meaning "Proud of letters") is a library of sustainable Alternatives in Montpellier, already awsome right?

I love it! So, it's true that I'm not used to buy new books, but it is also true that these books, are not the same. It's rather books-essays, personal development or committed novels. Those books I can get to all my friends and my whole family, so I can deal with that... Also, it is important to buy new books on these subjects, for this type of books to continue to be published.

Finally, they (yes they are girls) organize very interesting meetings and it is also a small coffee shop. So I vote Yes to it 150% and I intend to go back often.

Responsible stance

All the books here are going in the same direction as voyagir: reduce our ecological footprint, non-violent communication, personal development, feminism, sustainable tourism,...
But the girls do not stop there and are consistent to the end of their nails (uh, no I did't ask the brand of their Nail Polish)

It is of course independent bookstore and it's already a commitment.

The library is recognized (legally) as belonging to the social and solidarity economy (#ESS), which means among other things that they have a limited incomes and participatory governance. They have sought maximum committed investors.

For the Coffee Shop, the girls choose the products at best, preferably from a SCOP that offers fair trade products and generally local products.

For the stationery, they offer products of Artisans du Monde and l'Arbre à Papier. And also toys manufactured locally.

They accept tla Graine (meaning " The seed" - the local currency of Montpellier).

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