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Finca La Candelaria

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An organic cocoa and coffee farm, which offers:
- tours to better understand the cocoa industry and the operation of the farm (the tour includes a tasting and a face mask with cocoa)
- a great spot to come and enjoy a hot chocolate or a cocoa tea (much lighter and super good)
- you can also buy chocolate cake here
- La Finca is also an exceptional place from which to observe birds
- At the end of the tour, apply a cocoa-based face mask, it's funny.
The farm also offers a fairly rustic bed and breakfast type of accommodation called "El Paraiso de Tuki B-B"

Responsible stance

Organic and artisanal cocoa
The farm has been in the family for several generations.

We loved our experience at the Cadelaria, the friendliness and authenticity of the welcome. However, there was one thing that bothered us a lot. It's the adorable Tuki. Tuki is a Toucan who had his feathers cut and is domesticated. He does not live in a cage and spends most of his time in the surrounding trees. It is also very photogenic! But that's where the bottom hurts... we never managed to be sure that it was a rescued bird, as the owner told us. And unfortunately for tourists it's an asset, so intox? We don't know, and we're still dubious. On the other hand we saw that he was very pampered, until frankly struggling to get him a little further in a tree, because he had ventured by hovering a little too far and was stuck.

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